What is the maximum capacity? 220-250 guests (will vary depending on floorplan)

Is there a minimum? No, Las Velas does not require any minimums for food and beverages.

How do my guests park? Complimentary valet is offered for weekend events only.

Is there an in-house caterer? Las Velas is proud to offer in-house catering to ensure that you not only have exquisite food but an incredible experience.

Can I bring my own liquor? No, Las Velas holds the legal state liquor license.

Is there an extra cost to do both ceremony and reception? There are no additional fees to have both ceremony and reception.

Does the venue rental cost include food and liquor? No, the venue rental covers the cost of the space only.

When can I schedule my wedding rehearsal? Rehearsal time is complimentary and based on time availability. Keep in mind that it cannot always be the evening before the event.

What is the deposit? The deposit is 50% of the rental fee.

When is my balance due? The balance is due 60 days prior to your event.

What are the methods of payment I can use? Cash, check, or card.

When is the setup for my event? The setup is three hours directly before your event. Extra setup time is $100 per hour.

When is the breakdown? One hour immediately following the end of your event. Extra breakdown time is $100 per hour.

Does Las Velas plan my event? Las Velas is not responsible for planning your event. We work with your planner or coordinator to execute your event. Planners are not required, but HIGHLY recommended.

 Does Las Velas provide décor and centerpieces? Décor and centerpieces are not provided by the venue. We do offer candle packages (indoor/outdoor) that embellish the space but cannot be used as centerpieces or full decor.

Can I choose my own vendors? With the exception of catering and liquor, Las Velas allows outside vendors. Las Velas can provide preferred vendors or you can choose your own.